Police urge vehicle owners to remain vigilant after spate of 4x4 thefts in Fenland

AFTER a number of 4x4 vehicles were stolen in Fenland this week police have urged owners to remain vigilant to help prevent further thefts.

Three vehicles have been stolen from driveways at different locations across the district, two of which were taken from properties in Fenland.

On Monday morning police discovered a stolen Isuzu Trooper which had been taken from a home in Church Drove, Outwell.

A Mitsubishi van was also then stolen from a driveway in Station Road South, Walpole St Andrew, overnight between Tuesday and Wednesday.

Supt Nick Davison said: “We are starting to see a pattern of 4x4 vehicles being targeted, usually late at night or in the early hours when people are asleep.”

“Police are working hard to tackle this type of crime and patrols are being targeted at vulnerable areas but owners are advised to step up security and all residents to be alert to suspicious activity which should be reported immediately to police.”

Police have issued the following security advice:

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• Vehicle keys and other valuables should be kept safe and out of sight in the home, and not within easy reach of doors or windows.

• If you have a garage, use it, ensuring both the vehicle and garage are kept locked.

• Set the alarm/immobilizer and fit a physical deterrent such as a steering wheel clamp

• Every time you leave the car, close the windows and lock the doors – even at the petrol station.