Police urge parents to stop buying their children mini-motos after Wisbech arrest

POLICE have urged parents to stop buying mini-motos for their children after they arrested a male for driving one in a Wisbech estate.

The male has been stopped before in relation to using the bike off the road and was seen by officers riding on the pavements in the Waterlees area of the town.

He was arrested at his home address by officers.

Sgt Nick Stubbs said: “The illegal use of mini-motos is a real problem in this area, which is why it is currently a panel priority for the Waterlees estate.

“Not only is it illegal, it’s also incredibly dangerous. Some of these bikes are capable of speeds of over 50mph.

“When you consider that the chances of surviving a crash at over 30mph is unlikely and then take into consideration that most of the riders don’t wear a helmet, the chances of surviving a crash on one of these bikes, at the speeds these people are using them at, is virtually zero.

“I urge parents not to buy these bikes for their children. There are very limited legal facilities to use the bikes at, and this leads to the illegal and dangerous use of them.

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“We fully intend to throw the full weight of the law at any persons caught using these bikes illegally. Not because we like to ruin peoples’ fun, but because we don’t like telling family members that their child has been killed in a motorbike accident.”

The male has been charged with the following offences and is currently bailed to attend court: dangerous driving, driving otherwise in accordance with a license, driving without MOT, driving without insurance, Section 5 of the public order act (using threatening and abusive language in public).

If you have any queries about the use of mini-motos, contact Wisbech Neighbourhood Police Team on 0345 456 456 4 ext 3799 or wisbech.npt@cambs.pnn.police.uk