Police urge householders across the Fens to be more vigilant as drive to reduce burglaries continues

HOUSEHOLDERS across the Fens are being urged to ensure they lock their properties and keep valuables out of sight as part of a police drive to reduce burglaries.

A number of break-ins have been reported in December with victims losing antiques, jewellery and other personal property in the process.

Thieves stole a handbag and cash after forcing entry into a home at The Lovells, Emneth, last Thursday evening and an unlocked house in Terrington St Clement - where various electrical equipment was stolen - was also targeted.

King’s Lynn and West Norfolk Supt Nick Davison said: “If you value your belongings, and I assume most people do, then please do everything you can to deter burglars and make your home uninviting to thieves.

“Doors and windows should be kept locked and, if your home appears occupied, it is much less likely to be targeted. Security marking valuables is also an important deterrent.

“If you see anyone acting suspiciously around properties in your neighbourhood then please call police immediately to give us the chance to catch them red-handed.”