Police seize tin containing what they suspect may be prohibited drugs after stopping car in Wisbech tonight

Drugs tin found in Wisbech

Drugs tin found in Wisbech - Credit: Archant

A sharp eyed CCTV operator helped police make a suspected drugs arrest in Wisbech tonight.

Fen police at scene of drugs search

Fen police at scene of drugs search - Credit: Archant

Police say CCTV directed officers to a vehicle “where the occupants may be smoking drugs”.

A thorough search of the car found a tin containing what police believe may contain prohibited drugs.

“Tin seized and will be looked at by our drug expert, “police tweeted. “Inquiries ongoing.”

Earlier in the day police stopped and seized a car in Wisbech after finding out the driver had no insurance, no MOT, no tax or a valid licence.

“The only thing they got right was a ‘baby on board sticker’” police revealed on Twitter.