Police praise ‘whistleblowing’ Wisbech factory bosses after tanker driver found to be nearly FOUR times over limit before leaving depot

Tanker driver arrested for drink driving

Tanker driver arrested for drink driving - Credit: Archant

A near tragedy was averted in Wisbech after factory bosses blew the whistle on a tanker driver who was later found to be nearly FOUR times over the drink drive limit.

Cambridgeshire Police has revealed few details of the incident that happened early on the morning of December 23.

A police spokesman said: “A factory in Wisbech had suspicions about a driver who following an overnight stop was about to leave their depot in a tanker lorry.”

The spokesman said a call was made to advise police of their suspicions.

“They asked an officer attend to prevent a possible drink-drive incident,” said the spokesman.

Police breathalysed the driver who was found to be nearly four times over the legal limit.

“The driver blew 131 compared to the legal limit of 35,” said the police spokesman. The legal limit is 35 micrograms of alcohol for every 100 millilitres of breath.

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Praising factory bosses, the spokesman said: “This was fantastic work by those who prevented what could have ended in tragedy.”

Police have not yet named the factory that made the call.