Police catch 40 motorists without tax

NEARLY 70 motorists got a rude awakening in Wisbech on Wednesday afternoon after a massive police campaign caught them on the road without a tax disc.As the fixed penalties piled up in Cromwell Road,

NEARLY 70 motorists got a rude awakening in Wisbech on Wednesday afternoon after a massive police campaign caught them on the road without a tax disc.

As the fixed penalties piled up in Cromwell Road, other police and officials from the DVLA were busy elsewhere stopping vehicles on the road illegally whilst speeding drivers were also targeted and issued with on the spot fines.

And if that wasn't enough, council officials and police community support officers were targeting anti social behaviour and illegal carrying of waste.

It was part of the biggest operation ever carried out in the town to enforce laws that are being routinely disregarded.

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There was a positive side, with fire service personnel calling on homes of migrant workers to check fire alarms accompanied by members of the Gangmasters Licensing Authority who offered advice on gang masters and working conditions.

Wisbech Inspector Malcolm Graham said: "The aim of the day was to help build confidence towards police within the community and to tackle a range of issues with partner agencies.

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"Officers offered residents personal and property security advice.

"Both the Wisbech and Waterlees and Clarkson neighbourhood policing teams were involved, along with a number of other agencies to really make a difference in the community."

Speed checks, door knocking to raise community confidence and seizing vehicles with no tax and insurance were just some of the activities carried out in the afternoon of action.

Officials from the DVLA brought out their automatic number plate recognition machine to catch drivers without tax whilst Fenland Council officers targeted vehicles transporting waste without the appropriate Environment Agency Waste Vehicle licence.

The day’s action saw:

* More than 5,400 cars checked by the DVLA’s automatic number plate recognition, with 66 found to have no tax,

* Three cars found to have no tax by DVLA officers on foot,

* Fenland District Council officers check 24 vehicles carrying waste, issuing three duty of care notices,

* Peterborough City Council seize one vehicle for no tax and insurance,

* Two speeding tickets issued by police, as well as a number of verbal warnings, and

* The fire service visit 16 houses, fitting up to 30 fire alarms.

PC Stuart Norman, who was one of the organisers of the day of action, said: “Everyone we visited was very welcoming and they invited us in. Residents seemed very happy to consider the security advice we were offering.

“This was not only important from a security point of view, but it enabled us to meet and greet some members of Wisbech's community who are not necessarily familillar with how police officers work.

“We wanted to let residents know we are there for them and are very approachable.”

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