Fenland Council leaders pledge to keep free parking but want civil enforcement to ensure to keep town centres vibrant and free of bad parking and over stayers

Time we employed traffic wardens says John Anker after tweeting this photo of a double decker trappe

Time we employed traffic wardens says John Anker after tweeting this photo of a double decker trapped in Wisbech by bad parking. Picture; JOHN ANKER - Credit: Archant

The new leadership at Fenland Council is looking to introduce civil parking enforcement in Wisbech and the Fens to ensure yellow line enforcement and car parks are zoned for short and long stay parking.

It would bring to an end misery for towns - particularly Wisbech and March - where there is only limited police action to regulate parking. Fenland Council would also aim to introduce short term only parking in the town centres.

Transferring powers from the police to the council would traditionally mean introducing pay parking but that's not going to happen.

"We are pledged to ensure all parking in Fenland remains free," said portfolio holder Jan French.

A cabinet debate on the issue is due within weeks and Cllr French is confident that with the support of the county council and police commissioner Jason Ablewhite changes can be made.

The Government requires tough regulation of any proposed change to parking regulations but Cllr French is confident these can be dealt with.

Chartered accountant John Anker called for the introduction of traffic wardens in Wisbech after capturing irresponsible parking that included this double decker being trapped outside his office.

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Mr Anker tweeted this photo this week of a bus held up by a motorist who had parked outside his office in The Crescent, Wisbech, and caused consternation as the driver tried to find the car owner who had parked slap bang in the middle of the road.

"Another fun day of irresponsible parking round the Crescent in Wisbech," he tweeted.

"What would it cost to engage a parking warden for the town feel sure they would pay for themselves?"

The bus was dropping off primary school children for a visit to the library.

Wisbech resident Richard Humphrey responded: "We employ litter wardens but not traffic wardens, why? The illegal parking in Wisbech gets worse by the month and the councils just blame the police. An absolute shambles - time for action."

Cllr Steve Tierney wrote on the Wisbech Standard Facebook page this week: "Basically, it's pointless calling out for traffic wardens because they don't exist anymore. "Parking attendants (controlled by the council) only exist where parking has been decriminalised - which always comes with paid parking (that's how it's funded.)."

He added: " So if you want council parking attendants, the problem is that also means paid parking, which most people do not want (me included.)."

He added: "Cllr French is presently looking at other schemes to try and resolve the issue though, so could well be some news forthcoming."

Council leader Chris Boden said: "It's true that an army of dedicated council-employed traffic wardens just isn't on the cards (although early enforcement of any revised off-street and/or on-street regime would require more substantial short-term enforcement activity). "