PCSO chased a graffiti artist caught spraying his girlfriend’s name on partition boards

A GRAFFITI artist was caught by a PCSO as he daubed his girlfriend’s name over a row of partition screens erected in a Wisbech street.

Darren Martine still had a can of spray in his hand when he was found writing the word “Crissie” in large letters.

“The PCSO approached Martine, he ran off towards Lynn Road and the officer gave chase,” Fenland magistrates heard from prosecutor Nicola Rice.

“Martine turned into Mill Close, he tried to jump over a wooden gate. He dropped the spray paint, his legs were grabbed by the PCSO and he was detained.”

The boards painted by Martine had been erected by Fenland District Council in DeHavilland Road, to protect a waterside regeneration project.

Martine, 36, of Mount Pleasant Road, Wisbech, admitted a charge of criminal damage.

“I think he is a bit old for this sort of thing,” said solicitor John Clarke.

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“He had been out drinking, and was generally depressed and upset because his girlfriend’s father was ill.

“Things must have got on top of him, and he decided to spray his girlfriend’s name, it was the first thing that came into his head.

“It was quite a long word over several panels; he was trying to be artistic.”

Martine was ordered to pay �100 compensation, and �85 costs, and carry out 40 hours of unpaid work.