‘This is not a puppy farm’ says breeder in response to planning objections

Dog with new puppies

A proud new mum at WJM Dogs, in Outwell, where a retrospective planning application has been submitted to West Norfolk Council. - Credit: Supplied by William May

A dog breeder has spoken of the effort he makes to raise his animals in a ‘happy, healthy and loving’ environment after residents objected to his planning proposals.

William May, of WJM Dogs, in Outwell, says his litters have gone on to become much-loved family pets after being born and raised from his premises in Basin Road.

They have even been suitable to support children with autism, have become security dogs at international airports and been used by the police to support victims of crime.

Dogs from WJM Dogs out on a walk

Mr May says his dogs live in a 'happy, healthy and loving' environment. - Credit: Supplied by William May

He said: “I’m often sent photographs of dogs that came from us. It’s so rewarding to see them living a happy life with their families.”

Mr May has chosen to speak about the animals, and potentially risk criminals finding out about his business, following the criticism he received for submitting a planning application for the site.

A dog from WJM Dogs with its family

One of the many photographs Mr May says he receives of his dogs with their new families. - Credit: Supplied by William May

Last month, he entered a retrospective proposal to convert agricultural buildings into kennels and associated buildings to breed dogs.

As a licensed breeder, he says West Norfolk Council advised him to submit the application as he had acquired three more dogs which tipped him over the threshold needed for formal planning.

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But nearby residents have objected to the plans and complained about barking in the vicinity, particularly when the dogs are outside in a fenced off area.

A litter of puppies at dinner time

A litter of puppies at dinner time. - Credit: Supplied by William May

Mr May said: “We went ahead with the application because it’s important for us that everything is above board.

“Our dogs get the best care, are exercised regularly and I even take them to the beach for long walks.

“This is not a puppy farm where animals don’t see the light of day, and we also don’t charge ridiculous prices for them.”

Puppy from WJM Dogs

Mr May, of WJM Dogs, in Outwell, says his dogs have gone on to be much-loved family pets and have even gone on to support children with autism. - Credit: Supplied by William May

He added: “I wish people had told me the noise had upset them before, rather than using it in their objection against the plans. We could’ve dealt with the issue much sooner.

“We have been working with the council to contain the noise, and our new fencing where the dogs roam outside has certainly helped.

“My dogs bark because they are happy and healthy; they really bark when they see me because they’re so pleased to see me.

“They’re such characters and are not aggressive nor intimidating. If they were, their litters wouldn’t go on to become much-loved family pets and supporting autistic children.”

New fence at WJM Dogs in Outwell has helped contain the noise

New fencing at the WJM Dogs site in Basin Road, Outwell, has helped contain the noise. - Credit: Supplied by William May

Mr May also warned against buying dogs from unlicensed breeders.

He said: “Ask to see a breeder’s licence, they should not be taking a deposit off you and should be looking after the dog’s welfare.”