Opponents to Wisbech Town Football Club given more time to fight 2am plans

OPPONENTS to Wisbech Town Football Club’s plans to extend opening hours at its new ground won a three-day extension to a deadline for objections.

OPPONENTS to Wisbech Town Football Club’s extended club opening hours proposal have won an extension to their deadline for objections.

A puzzled officer from West Norfolk Council called the Wisbech Standard this week to ask why no one had commented on a consultation for the new venue to have a licence into the small hours.

Even though residents were in the loop about a variation to planning conditions which would allow the clubhouse to remain open to 2am on Fridays and Saturday and 12.30am on weekdays, they were oblivious to a separate licensing bid.

It transpired the applicants had only advertised the plans on a notice outside the ground and in the Lynn News & Advertiser.

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Resident Edwina Howlett reacted quickly when she found out and got 70 signatures on a petition to meet the new deadline for objections of Friday.

Had she spoken to the council a mere 24 hours later, the matter would have been a foregone conclusion and left neighbours with an unpopular alcohol-serving premises on their doorsteps.

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Ms Howlett, of Nursery Drive, Wisbech, said: “People didn’t understand the licence application was a separate thing they had to respond to.

“Being residents in close proximity to the ground, we believe this will cause unsocialable behaviour and nuisance from late night revellers.”

Her concern is that residents will be disturbed by car doors slamming and drink-related problems.

She added: “We know what can happen to some people when they have had a drink. Alcohol and football don’t always mix when you have two opposing teams.

“If you put a few cans of lager into some people, they will have a fight. This is a big facility. Who knows what will happen?

Ms Howlett also fears drink problems in Wisbech town centre will simply be recreated in the Lynn Road area.

Objector John Dorrington added: “The manner in which they or their agents have managed this change has left the majority of local residents living close to the ground out in the dark.”

The club’s plans to amend their planning consent to allow for the extended opening hours have also been delayed. Deadline for objections have been extended until the first week of August.

It has not yet been decided whether either or both applications will go before councillors before decisions are reached.

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