Norfolk man dies five days after ‘malicious and brutal attack’ with a club hammer, court hears as murder trial opens at Cambridge Crown Court

Murder victim, Bradley Carter, 35, of Spencer Close, West Walton.

Murder victim, Bradley Carter, 35, of Spencer Close, West Walton. - Credit: Archant

A Norfolk man died five days after allegedly being subjected to a “malicious and brutal” attack with a hammer, a jury has heard

Mitchell Bird, 29, of Cox Close, Wisbech, is accused of the murder of Bradley Carter, 35, of Spencer Close, West Walton, on February 19 this year.

Cambridge Crown Court heard this morning how Bird allegedly struck Mr Carter in the legs with a club hammer, before repeatedly kicking him in the head and body after an incident at his home in Wisbech on February 14.

Richard Christie, prosecuting, told the jury how Mr Carter had needed the help of a crutch to walk following the attack, and “soldiered on” with injuries to his back, legs, head and hands before collapsing and dying at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in King’s Lynnfive days later.

He said: “It is beyond doubt that Bradley was assaulted, very badly, with a weapon on February 14. We have a wealth of material that points to Bradley Carter being assaulted.

“He soldiered on for five days before his mother took him to hospital where he collapsed and died.

“Mr Carter suffered from an enlarged spleen due to his lifestyle and that suffered a tear during the attack. That tear filled with fluid and ultimately burst.

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“We have a range of sources that point to Mitchell Bird being the person who perpetrated this offence.”

The court heard how Bird had agreed to let Mr Carter, whom he had known for some time, stay at his flat after he was kicked out from his previous address by his mother on February 12.

After a disagreement on the night of February 14, in which Bird ordered Mr Carter to leave, Bird is alleged to have attacked Mr Carter with a hammer, “causing him to fall to the floor,” according to Mr Christie, before kicking him in the head and body.

Bird’s neighbours are also believed to have heard a commotion coming from inside the flat and a number of loud bangs.

In the days after the alleged attack, it’s believed that Mr Carter told friends and family of the attack, but refused to go to the police for fear of being labelled a “grass”.

His condition gradually worsened over the coming days, with Mr Carter complaining of leg and back pain, before his mother took him to hospital on February 19.

He received medical attention but was taken to the resuscitation room following complaints of chest pains. He died later that day.

The court heard how after his arrest, Bird denied assaulting Mr Carter, telling police he hadn’t seen the victim for over a week and that he was unsure of his whereabouts on February 14 as he “was not good with dates”.

The trial continues.