Family 'devastated' as Waffle dies weeks after shooting

Waffle the dog has died after he was shot in the face in Emneth earlier this month. 

Waffle the dog has died after he was shot in the face in Emneth earlier this month. - Credit: FAMILY

A family has been left "devastated" after their dog died while on a vet's operating table just weeks after he was shot in the face. 

Three-year-old labradoodle Waffle was left covered in blood and without one eye after he didn't return when he was let out into the garden at his home in Emneth earlier this month.

More than £3,000 - including an anonymous £1,000 donation - was then raised to pay towards vet costs after a fundraiser was set up by neighbour Debs Bleathman.

She said: "It is with tears in my eyes and a heavy heart that I must impart the saddest of news.

"Waffle was under anaesthetic having his wound seen to by the vets when his little body gave up.

"All pet owners know there are risks with general anaesthetic and poor Waffle had been through three in the last week. 

"As a young, fit dog he was well placed to deal with the trauma of a GA, but even the strongest dog can run out of steam.

"His family are, obviously, devastated - especially since Waffle had been happily playing with his toys, trotting round the garden and generally enjoying life. 

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"Maybe there's the message - love every minute of life while you have it.

"Waffle's family have asked me to thank everyone who had read his story, who has shared it, and who have kindly donated. 

"Your kindness has been a great comfort to them during the darkest of times.

"As organiser, I would also like to extend my thanks to you all. I really didn't know such love and compassion was out there. 

"The kindness of strangers is truly heartwarming."