A music therapy for young people charity is looking for musicians and DJs in March and Wisbech to help spread the good work

Noise Solution is providing music therapy to young people

Noise Solution is providing music therapy to young people - Credit: Archant

Music technology is making a difference to young people’s lives thanks to a social enterprise.

Noise Solution pairs young people facing challenges in their lives with music producers, to help them create hip hop, rock, grime, dubstep or anything that the young person wants to make.

The organisation hopes to expand and is looking for tutors, with experience of music technology and playing in bands, to get in touch with the organisation, especially those in the Wisbech, March, Peterborough area’s.

“There is compelling evidence to show that the work is effective,” said director, Simon Glenister, who has recently completed a masters degree at Cambridge University.

“The evidence for the approach is so compelling that the organisation has recently been funded by the NHS in Suffolk.

“We pair musicians with young people to involve them in making any form of music they desire. At the same time we capture and share their musical journey on video and audio and using a digital platform to enable their families and key workers to engage with the process.

“This makes the young people we work with feel competent in something they enjoy and enables them to share it with others in a way that impacts positively on their sense of wellbeing.

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“If we improve wellbeing we improve education, engagement and health outcomes. We currently have 14 tutors delivering more than 100 one-to-one sessions a month.

“We regularly see the positive benefits of our work in young people who were previously struggling to engage with services.”

One parent said: “This been the single most important experience he has undergone and helped towards his recovery.

“He has readily engaged with his tutors and turned up to every session, which is a great result. He’s obviously learned a lot about the music and recording side of things, but also about himself.

“It has been excellent for him. I am hugely grateful.”

A key worker at the children’s home where another boy is being cared for said attending Noise Solution had given him self-esteem and the confidence to return to mainstream schooling.

His social worker said: “Noise Solution has, without a doubt, contributed hugely to his massive increase in confidence”.

• To get involved email Simon Glenister info@noisesolution.org.