Police seize £200,000 supercar for not being insured

No insurance on McLaren 720S

Police posted a picture of a McLaren 720S – with a price tag of around £200,000 - that was seized on the A1M near Peterborough for having no insurance. - Credit: Policing Peterborough

A McLaren 720S – with a price tag of around £200,000 – was pulled over in Cambridgeshire for having no insurance.  

Police seized the supercar on the A1M near Peterborough – with the predictable response when they posted a photo to Facebook.  

“Why would you have such an expensive car and not insure it” was the question repeatedly posed to Peterborough Policing.  

“If you can't afford the insurance don't buy the car.” 

Although police now know the answer, they haven’t yet revealed the outcome – other than to report the car was seized.  

"The driver can have it back when they can prove there's valid insurance.” said a police spokesperson.  

The Policing Peterborough Facebook page also revealed that the driver faced recovery costs.  

The police added that if you’re on the road over the holiday period “please make sure you've got insurance, unlike this McLaren driver...” 
Police also responded to one post that noted: “If you afford that car, you can afford to insure it. I’m presuming there’s other consequences to driving a non-insured car other than ‘you can get it back when you are insured”? 

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Police added: “Yes, it also incurs fines and recovery costs”. 

.Auto Express, reviewing the car, said :”Rivals for the McLaren 720S include the Ferrari 488 GTB and Lamborghini Huracan Evo, although cars at this level become playthings from the buyers’ point of view.  

“So you might equally be weighing-up a McLaren against a new boat, or even a plane.”