‘No case to answer’ fellow councillor Steve Tierney reveals Aigars Balsevics cleared of any involvement in alleged affray

Aigars Balsevics, Wisbech Cllr for Hill and Staithe. Picture: Steve Williams.

Aigars Balsevics, Wisbech Cllr for Hill and Staithe. Picture: Steve Williams. - Credit: Archant

Wisbech town councillor Aigars Balsevics has been cleared of any involvement in an alleged affray outside his pub.

The news was released today by his friend and fellow Tory councillor Steve Tierney.

Cllr Tierney revealed the details on his blog, describing “some of the behaviour of the police as extraordinary”.

Here is the full text of Cllr Tierney’s blog:

“Back in December, my colleague and friend Aigars Balsevics was arrested after an incident at The Angel pub in Wisbech.

“Aigars has maintained from the outset that he did nothing wrong and that he was simply trying to calm the situation.

“Our local newspaper, against press guidance, legal guidance, and police guidance, decided to publish his name before he had been charged with anything.

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“They then published his name again when the police “extended the period of investigation” in January.

“Aigars cooperated throughout, and the police confiscated the CCTV of the entire incident – they had everything they needed to fully investigate. EVERYTHING THEY NEEDED.

“It is therefore VERY TELLING that after several weeks of ‘investigating’ they have returned the CCTV, dropped the investigation and admitted there is no case to answer.

“I wonder if the local newspaper that was so quick to publish the name of an innocent man and damage his reputation will be as quick to make this clear.

“I wonder if it will be given as big a billing as the original stories. I very much hope so.

“I wonder if the racists who just hate anybody who is not English, particularly one who is successful, will be as quick to admit that they got it completely wrong. AGAIN. Doubtful, because their tiny little minds are full of nothing but hate.

“There is more to tell about all this – some of the behaviour of the Police was extraordinary. I would like to get on a soap box and get it out in the open, but Aigars has had his name dragged through enough dirt. So it will have to wait. For now.”