Nineteen tickets issued for bad parking in Wisbech in just FIVE hours

Some of the badly parked vehicles

Some of the badly parked vehicles - Credit: Archant

Nineteen tickets were issued for bad parking in Wisbech within just five hours yesterday.

By 10.42am, police had already issued four parking tickets for vehicles that had been left incorrectly parked in Wisbech town centre.

Five hours later that number had risen to 19.

Police said on social media: “So far officers have advised driver’s to not park on double yellow lines, to not park outside of marked bays, and to not park inconsiderately.

“Those that have not listened or co-operated received £30 fines. All 19 of them, in just five hours.

“Please don’t be the person who gets a ticket from the PCSOs or the PCs for parking inconsiderately.”

Five of the tickets were issued to vehicles parked on Falcon Road, Wisbech.

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