NHS Norfolk tenders new contract for new Terrington St John practice

VILLAGERS concerned over the rumoured possible closure of a pharmacy at their doctor’s surgery have been reassured of a seamless transition to a new provider once a partnership ends in October.

Marshland St James Parish Council has been in touch with NHS Norfolk after residents raised concerns about the pharmacy at Terrington St John GP surgery.

A statement from NHS Norfolk and sent to council chairman Sue Askew said the current partnership at the practice, a dispensing practice, will dissolve on October 31.

“NHS Norfolk is currently tendering a contract for a new practice in Terrington St John,” said the statement. “We are working towards a seamless transition so there is no disruption for patients.

“The rights to dispense your medicines currently enjoyed by the practice will, in law, cease when the partnership dissolves – i.e. they do not automatically roll over.

“A new application has been received by an independent pharmacist to open a pharmacy in the Terrington St John area. All such applications to dispense medicines must be considered in accordance with Pharmacy and Dispensing regulations. NHS Norfolk, your GPs and pharmacists are bound by these regulations and there is a clear process that must be followed.

“NHS Norfolk is working to ensure there will continue to be dispensing provision for patients in Terrington St John.”

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