New Wisbech website gives power to residents

A GROUNDBREAKING website giving residents in Wisbech and surrounding villages the power to improve their community has been launched. is Cambridgeshire’s first step to the Big Society concept and enables people to have a greater say about services and they will be able to report issues on anti-social behaviour, housing, road and transport problems, fly tipping and drugs and alcohol problems.

The issues will be read by officials from the Cambridgeshire County Council, Fenland District Council, Cambridgeshire Police, and Cambridge Fire and Rescue, who will give a response about how they will be resolved.

Anita Grodkiewicz, Manager of the Rosmini Centre said: “Everyone at the Centre is very excited to be leading All residents in and around Wisbech can now have their say. We have an agreement with all partners involved that they will respond and resolve any issues reported.

“We want all communities to become involved in whether that’s posting an issue celebrating where they live or by becoming a volunteer.”

The website is run by Wisbech community organisation Rosmini Centre, who will be recruiting volunteers to help run the site, and help people report and blog about issues and events.

The rest of Fenland should see a similar service provided by the end of the year, but are also able to report issues at the Neighbourhood Forums and Community Fairs.