New roads should be adopted says councillor following new Manea home debate

Fenland District Council

Fenland District Council - Credit: Archant

A councillor has said there is a weakness in the planning system after four new family homes were granted planning permission and yet the new road leading to them would not be fully adopted by the highways authority.

Two houses and two bungalows were recently granted planning permission on land south east of Williams Way in Manea.

But in a meeting of Fenland planners members heard that half the new road into the site would be adopted by local highways and the remainder would be built to adoptable standards but remain private.

Councillor Will Sutton said there were no major issues with the application but he had a problem that only part of the road would be offered for adoption.

He said unadopted roads should not be allowed as it would cause future issues and if a bond was required then developers should take this on board.

He added that because the developer was not paying towards social housing or education then they should insist the road is adopted.

Officers, however, said that non adoption of the road was not a reason to object to the application.