New minor injuries unit opens at North Cambs Hospital in Wisbech

THE new �75,000 minor injuries unit at North Cambs Hospital in Wisbech has been officially opened.

Almost half of the funding for the new unit - �32,000 - was donated by the Friends of Wisbech Hospital. The remainder was funded by NHS Cambridgeshire.

Included in the new unit are six new private rooms including an eye examination room, emergency treatment room and four consulting rooms. Before, there were only two rooms and two curtained cubicles.

There is also a new reception area, a spacious and comfortable waiting room and male and female toilets.

Staff now have a sitting/training room, a kitchen and changing facilities.

Opening the new unit Victor Lucas, chairman of Cambridgeshire Community Services NHS Trust, said: “I am delighted to officially open this high quality Minor Injuries Unit that really provides patients with local access to excellent treatment facilities.”

“We very much appreciate the support of NHS Cambridgeshire together with the substantial contribution of the Friends of North Cambs Hospital, without whose generosity we couldn’t have had such an impressive Unit.”

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David Gwilliam, Clinical Lead for Minor Injuries, Cambridgeshire Community Services NHS Trust, said: “The new reception is more private so conversations remain confidential, there is a spacious and comfortable waiting room and the unit has both male and female disabled toilets.

“It is unrecognisable and has made a significant difference for staff and the quality of services we can now provide to our patients.”

“We couldn’t have had such a high quality unit without the generous support of the Friends of Wisbech Hospital who made a substantial contribution to the new Unit by buying the new clinical equipment, fittings and furnishings for the treatment rooms, as well as equipping the kitchen and staff training room with new furniture.”

Eileen Plater, chairman of the Friends of Wisbech Hospital, said: “We were delighted to be able to contribute to this new Unit.

“It is thanks to the generosity of people donating to the Friends we have been able to equip the minor injuries service, improve the comfort and privacy for patients, as well as improving the facilities for staff. We are delighted with the results.”

Ann Carlisle, after whose late father the unit is named, said: “The new Unit is very impressive. I am delighted to be involved in the plans and that the Trust was able to adapt the ward to provide such high quality, modern facilities which will benefit many patients.”