Neighbour who caught Leverington crash minibus on camera says ‘ eight out of 10 times it rains we have somebody off in the dike’

The scene of the minibus crash on the A1101 Sutton Road in Leverington yesterday

The scene of the minibus crash on the A1101 Sutton Road in Leverington yesterday - Credit: Archant

A Leverington man who was first on the scene of Tuesday’s minibus accident – which led to eight people being hospitalised, one with serious injuries – handed over CCTV images to police.

Steve Spriggs had film of the van passing his home moments earlier from cameras installed at his home following earlier incidents.

Mr Spriggs, who lives around 100 feet from the mini bus came off the road, said that “eight out of 10 times it rains we have somebody off in the dike”.

The accident, which happened on the A1101, Sutton Road, Wisbech at around 6am, involved eight people - three were out of the vehicle on arrival while five others were in need of release by fire crews. One person was taken to hospital with life-threatening injuries.

“We put the camera up for the security of our own yard, but because of the increase in accidents it’s been moved up slightly so that it shows up the road as well,” he told BBC Radio Cambridgeshire.

“The accidents that it’s caught have been invaluable to the police.

“We’ve had numerous accidents over the last year and the number has increased since the Gypsy Lane bend was updated, said Mr Spriggs.

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“It’s basically moved the accidents down to where we are now.”

In 2010, safety improvements costing £350,000 were carried out on the A1101 by Cambridgeshire County Council along a 250 metre stretch near Gypsy Lane – a notorious accident blackspot. However, that doesn’t seem to have helped reduce the number of crashes.

“We had six accidents in the space of one weekend not too long ago, from the Friday to the Sunday,” he said.

After Tuesday’s crash, Mr Spriggs handed over a black box which controls the DVR recording to a police officer.

“It’s a valuable insight into what happens and for the police. From there point of view, they think it’s a great idea.

“They’re fully behind it because they could have several witnesses to an accident and everyone could give a different account of what they’ve seen - the CCTV doesn’t lie.”

After its home was destroyed by a car in April, Mr Spriggs had to move one of his chickens indoors.

“The car came off the road, jumped over my neighbours shed, went through the greenhouse that my chicken was living in and pretty much made a mess of everything. “Because he has no greenhouse now, unfortunately has to live in the house.”

Mr Spriggs says he is pretty much on first-name terms with the emergency services since all the incidents.

“We know most of the police officers that attend on a regular basis, the recovery drivers, the firemen and ambulance crews – we recognise each other as soon as it happens. Eight times out of ten we’re probably the first ones on the scene, and that’s because we’re trying to help and do what we can.”

Police are keen to speak to a male driver who they believed witnessed Tuesday’s crash in which eight people were taken to hospital with varying injuries.