Mum ‘can now sleep at night’ after late daughter is finally put to rest

Wisbech mum Sadie Nadine says she can now sleep at night after being surprised with her daughter’s headstone for Mother’s Day

Wisbech mum Sadie Nadine says she can now sleep at night after being surprised with her late daughter’s headstone for Mother’s Day – finally putting her baby to rest. - Credit: Supplied/Family 

A mother’s “dream has come true” after being surprised on Mother’s Day with being able to finally lay her late daughter to rest, eight years after her passing.    

Sadie Nadine from Wisbech launched a fundraiser in a bid to get her ‘princess’ a headstone after she died in 2012 following complications at birth.    

Her campaign led to newspaper and radio interviews and a collaborative effort from Debbie Stewart at AJ Coggles and AF Holdman Stonemason took Sadie one step closer.    

Combined, they promised to arrange Scarlet’s headstone, agreeing to cover all the fees for fitting and fixing – Sadie just didn’t know when it would be erected.    

She said: “I was in Halfords getting an indicator changed when I had received unexpected messages from Debbie saying, ‘check your WhatsApp’.  

“I froze as I opened my messages, Debbie had said ‘Happy Mother’s Day darling 2021’, along with pictures of my daughter's headstone fitted at her plot.    

“I then burst into tears and said to my brother ‘look what I've just received, Scarlet has her headstone laid and its Mother’s Day’.    

“He cuddled me and said, ‘it’s beautiful, my niece’. I messaged straight back ‘I honestly can’t believe this, what a lovely Mother's Day gift’.  

“I still can’t express how I feel, I was then completely thrown of track for the rest of the day, I was yet again left speechless, I couldn’t eat, or complete my shopping.  

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“My baby has closure and can rest in peace. I can now sleep at night knowing Scarlet has her bed.  

“Words can’t express my thanks enough to Debbie Stewart who now has opened her own funeral directors RH Bond, continue to help people just like you do.  

“Also thank you to AF Holman for taking the time to build my daughter’s headstone.”    

She added: “A dream has come true.”   

Ms Nadine was just 17 years old when she found out her daughter suffered a hole in her heart and if she was born on time, she would only live up to 10-years-old.  

In 2012 she gave birth, spending just two hours in her mother's arms before Scarlet passed away.