Mum posts photo of her injuries to Facebook in bid to find other driver involved in hit and run

Joanne Wharf posted this photo of herself in hospital following a hit and run incident at Guyhirn. S

Joanne Wharf posted this photo of herself in hospital following a hit and run incident at Guyhirn. She is appealling for the other driver involved to hand himself into police. - Credit: Archant

A photo of injuries sustained by a young mother in a hit-and-run incident in the Fens has been shared over 2,000 times on Facebook to find the other driver.

Joanne Wharf of Emneth says she circulated the photo to help trace the driver who ran into her red Seat Ibiza on Mouth Road, Guyhirn “and drove off without even checking to see if anyone was hurt”.

She said: “To the driver hit into my car you might be interested to see a current picture of me.

“You might also be interested to know that there were three children in the car, the youngest being only three years old. You hit into us at such a speed we are all lucky to be alive.” She was travelling with her three-year-old, her daughter, nine; and her daughter’s friend, 10; all were shaken but not badly hurt.

Mrs Wharf said of the other driver: “You have caused a lot of damage and injury. Do the decent thing and hand your self into police.”

Police confirmed they were called at 8pm last Wednesday to reports of a collision in Mouth Lane, near Guyhirn, and that inquiries were ongoing.

A spokesman said: “One of the vehicles left the scene, but there was no immediate danger or threat to life.

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“Information from the ambulance service suggested there were no injuries, but the victim was shaken up.”

Mrs Wharf, who today was back in hospital, said she had no details about the other car that involved.

“I think it was a black car but my daughter says the car was a red/ orange colour so I have no idea I’m afraid! It will have damage to the front driver’s side. My car is red so it may have some red paint on it.”

Since posting her photo to the Wisbech Discussion Forum it has been extensively shared.

“I am so truly overwhelmed by all the messages and support,” she said. “This means the world to me and my family right now.”

Thanking everyone for their messages she said: “At a time where we lost all faith in humanity you have all helped to restore this for us. Yes there are some truly awful people in the world but there are far more lovely amazing people like all of you.

“All three children are healing well, still shaken up and scared but well on the mend.”

She added: “I’m not doing so great but to everyone who has shared, thank you all so much. Hopefully together we can catch this scum bag.”

Mrs Wharf said: “If anyone notices a car, black we think with damage to the front driver’s side please call the police and report it as soon as possible.”

She is also looking for a mechanic to help sort out the damage to her car.

“As I don’t have details of the guilty party to claim from on their insurance I have to pay to fix the car myself,” she said.

“I think the damage is just cosmetic in which case it will have to stay like that until I can afford to fix it but I have been told that I need to have the chassis checked before the car can be driven to check that isn’t damaged and make sure the car is safe to drive.

“So if anyone would be willing or knows anyone who would be willing to just come and have a look at my car to see if it’s safe to drive or not at all please?”

Of the incident itself she said: “We went round a blind bend on a very narrow road and there was a car going so fast I just grabbed the steering wheel and swerved on to a grass verge.

“I managed to avoid a head-on collision by a pure miracle. I was gobsmacked to see the other driver put their foot down and drive off.

“We’re mostly just battered and bruised and should be OK in a week or two.”