Mum of two told pay fines in 14 days or go to prison- it’s as simple as that!

MOTHER of two Tammy Pettit will go to jail for 14 days if she fails to pay off her court debt by the end of the month, magistrates warned her this week.

Pettit, 32, of Leafere Way, Leverington, still owes �254 for motoring offences that were dealt with last year.

In the witness box at Wisbech courthouse, Pettit told Fenland magistrates that she had been paying off council tax debts of more than �2,000 and had been left with no cash to pay her fines.

“The council had threatened me with bailiffs and prison,” she explained. She had also paid off a �250 mobile phone debt.

Pettit said she and her partner were now both working, and they could afford to pay the fines within a few days.

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