Incinerator firm under fire from MP over 'outrageous’ behaviour

WisWIN at House of Commons

Members of WisWIN met the NE Cambs MP Steve Barclay at the House of Commons in September to discuss moves to halt the proposed £300m incinerator for Wisbech. - Credit: KIM TAYLOR

MP Steve Barclay described as “frankly quite outrageous” the failure of MVV to respond to his concerns over their proposed £300m mega incinerator for Wisbech.  

The NE Cambs MP, and Cabinet Office minister, has written to the Planning Inspectorate outlining his concerns.  

In a letter to the inspectorate’s chief executive, Sarah Richards, he says the 12-page report he commissioned was sent to MVV on August 13.  

“But we have had no response,” he says. “This was chased on September 20, again no response”. 

He told Ms Richards: “The consultation is supposed to be meaningful and engage with the concerns of residents and businesses.  

MP Steve Barclay writes to Planning Inspectorate about MVV 

MP Steve Barclay writes to Planning Inspectorate about MVV - Credit: Steve Barclay office

“As such MVV are not participating with the process- please can you advise on the level of engagement they should be adhering to?”. 

Mr Barclay, in a Facebook post, said: “It is disappointing and, frankly quite outrageous, that there has still been no response from MVV.” 

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He said his report highlighted multiple inconsistencies and outstanding questions.  

“The report identifies inaccuracies and misleading information that was presented in the consultation, with a lack of detail in multiple areas, including the adverse effects of the scheme,” said Mr Barclay.  

“There are many people in Wisbech and the surrounding area, myself included, who are strongly opposed to this flawed incinerator project.” 

Mr Barclay said there was enough evidence in his report to clearly demonstrate why the scheme should be abandoned.  

"Written by a strategic consultancy which advises on the development of sustainable infrastructure projects, it is not coloured by the emotion of those of us who may be affected by the increased lorries on our roads or the spoiled view across the Fens,” he said. 

“The report sets out factual and practical issues and the community deserves to hear a response from MVV.” 

The MP added: “The lack of response also reflects their disregard for the worry and concern this flawed proposal is generating with businesses and residents.” 

MMV Environment - owned by German energy company MVV - wants to build one of the largest waste incinerators (Energy from Waste Combined Heat and Power or EfW CHP) in Europe at Algores Way.  

MVV has been contacted by this newspaper for a response.