Motorist narrowly avoids head on collision on the A17 at Walpole St Andrew after overtaking on wrong side of dual carriageway

A vehicle videoed overtaking on the A17

A vehicle videoed overtaking on the A17 - Credit: Archant

A driver narrowly avoided a head-on collision after attempting to overtake a lorry by using the opposite side of a central reservation.

The manoeuvre was caught on film by lorry driver Michael Wayman as he was travelling along the A17 in Norfolk on Tuesday morning.

It took place just a day after a young woman was killed and two children were seriously injured on the same stretch of road.

Oncoming traffic flashed the vehicle and were forced to brake to avoid an accident.

Mr Wayman’s wife, Nicola, said her husband had been approaching the junction to Walpole St Andrew when he noticed the vehicle approaching.

She said: “He looked in his mirror and saw this 4x4 coming up by him and he could not believe what he saw. It was the day after the accident and there could have been another one. It could have been horrendous.

“Lorries can do 50mph these days, so it is not like they cause long tail backs. The driver must have been doing 70mph.”

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The event was captured on Mr Wayman’s dashboard camera