Mixed results for former Wisbech school friends in General Election

Grant Smith and Lord Buckethead.

Grant Smith and Lord Buckethead. - Credit: Archant

Two friends who went to what is now Thomas Clarkson Academy in Wisbech one year apart stood in the General Election last week.

Dr Paul Williams

Dr Paul Williams - Credit: Archant

Grant Smith and Paul Williams, who left Queen’s School in 1988 and 89 respectively, stood at different ends of the country with Paul securing the Stockton South seat for Labour.

While his former school pal stood as an independent against Prime Minister Theresa May and internet sensation Lord Buckethead in the Maidenhead constituency.

The friends who also studied at the same university in Newcastle lost touch after graduating, but reconnected on Facebook and discovered their now shared political ambitions to be an MP.

Paul, who studied his A-Levels at Neale-Wade Academy ahas been involved in the Labour party for several years.

While Grant, whose parents still live in Emneth, ran his campaign, which he says was run as a ‘protest’ from his ‘attic room’.

He came eighth out of 13 candidates achieving 150 votes, which he says “wasn’t bad considering I ran the campaign from my attic room.”

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“I had never been a member of a political party. I was just concerned by the current situation – especially the move away from liberalism - and decided to stand against Theresa May.

“I was pro-remain and didn’t like how the Conservatives treated any opposition to Brexit as un-British and treacherous.

“I objected to that and wasn’t prepared to give her a blank cheque. Considering I was running a campaign out of an attic room, I don’t think it’s a bad result.

“I got what I wanted in that the Conservative government has been taught a bit of humility that they are not going to get their own way.”

Grant also stood against Lord Buckethead, who he says is “actually quite a character,” having gone from being “obscure to all over the place.

“He mixes genuine political comment with satire and he’s very, very good at it.”

He added it was great to get back in contact with his old school friend and he wished him well as he embarks on his career in the House of Commons.

Grant also thanked his parents for their support during the campaign.

Queen’s School was on the Thomas Clarkson Academy site.