Manwho has been living in a tent admits to being drunk and disorderly in Wisbech

A MAN who has been living in a tent on waste ground in Wisbech admitted being drunk and disorderly in the town.

Police were called to Union Place to deal with four drunken Eastern European men around 9.00pm on October 23, and were given a notice to leave the area.

But Aivar Rubalis began to shout and swear, and refused to leave the bench he was sitting on, prosecuctor Andrea Fawcett told Fenland magistrates.

“He was unable to stand up or walk in a straight line,” she added. “Residents in the area had started to look out of their windows, because of the noise.”

Solicitor Pat Wiles said Rubalis had lived in a tent all last winter. He had been attacked, and a leg injury meant he could not work.

The court fined Rubalis �100 with a �15 surcharge, but said one day’s detention in the court would wipe out the fine.