Man from Wisbech arrested in connection with illegal rave held in Norfolk

A 20-year-old man from Wisbech has been arrested in connection with an illegal rave held in Norfolk at the weekend.

Officers from Fakenham and Wells located an unlicensed musical event (UME) in a field at Wells Road, North Creake, near Fakenham, at about 1am on Sunday.

The event continued to be monitored throughout the night with approximately 100 people and 40 vehicles in attendance.

Later in the day, response officers from Fakenham attended the scene and a man from Wisbech was arrested on suspicion of Licensing Act offences, criminal damage and possession of a controlled drug and taken to King’s Lynn police station for questioning.

The sound equipment and vehicle belonging to the arrested man was also seized.

Inspector Jason Selvarajah, who led the operation, said: “The location was difficult to access and whilst no further noise complaints were received, a field and crops appear to have been damaged as a result of those attending this event.

“Norfolk Constabulary has taken positive action and a number of people at the UME received �30 fixed penalty notices for driving off road.

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“One man was arrested on suspicion of possessing a controlled drug and another for driving whilst over the prescribed limit.”