Single mum picked to represent UK needs £1,000 to take part in national beauty contest

A Wisbech slimmer who has lost 4.5 stone and works in Ely is looking for sponsorship so she can represent the UK in a national beauty contest.

Maise Hunns, who trained at IronWorks gym in Wisbech to lose weight, was asked by the contest’s brand manager to represent the UK in Miss Europe Continental in November 2021.

However, there is a €1,180 registration fee to cover participation, registration, accommodation, shoots, contest walk/talk/behaviour training and stylists.

Maise, who suffered post-natal depression following the birth of her daughter, said: “As a young single mother, I am unable to afford this with my disposable income. But I really do not want to miss out on such an amazing opportunity that I have been picked to participate in.”

She added: “I started my journey when my daughter was one (she is now seven) so it has been a total of six years.

“However, I hit my goal weight after three years. Since then, it has been maintenance and small enhancements to my shape.

“I am asking for donations to help enable me to enter the contest.

“It has taken a lot of dedication, commitment and hard work to lose the weight after having post-natal depression following the birth of my daughter.

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“I have worked so hard to get here, I am asking for help on to fulfil my dream.

Maise added that she has been told by the contest’s brand manager that she is welcome to look for a sponsor, person or business to cover her fee.

She added: “The sponsor will have international visibility, adverts on every billboard, participation in interviews and VIP tickets to the event.”

Email if you would like to sponsor her or donte via her GoFundMe page.