Magistrates award �200 compensation to woman assaulted at bus station

A WOMAN who suffered a black eye after being attacked at Wisbech bus station has been awarded �200 compensation by a court.

Her assailant - Anna Marie Smith - was also ordered to pay the cash, and also carry out 150 hours of unpaid work and pay another �50 in costs.

Smith had punched the woman in the face because she believed her victim had made allegations against her brother.

“This was a nasty attack in a public place, we had considered sending you to prison,” Smith was told by presiding magistrate Peter Waterfield, at Wisbech courthouse. “Do not take the law into your own hands.”

Prosecuting, Emma Duckett said the victim was waiting for a bus at 2.15pm on September 15 when she saw Smith with two other people.

Smith spoke to her victim, asking: “Did you call my brother a pervert?”, said Ms Duckett. The victim was then hit on the head by Smith’s clenched fist, and Smith was persuaded to stop her onslaught by her companions.

The victim suffered a bruised and swollen eye socket and a bruised cheek, a swollen lip and cuts to the inside of her mouth.

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When arrested, Smith said she was angry at the time of the assault, believing her victim had verbally abused her brother. She was remorseful, and said her brother had been wrongly accused.

Smith, 20, of Cannon Street, Wisbech, admitted assault. Her solicitor, John Clarke, said Smith lashed out when her victim denied making an allegation against her brother.