Lynsey gets her sergeant’s stripes at Wisbech army cadets presentation

Wisbech Army Cadets presentation evening

Wisbech Army Cadets presentation evening - Credit: Archant

Members of Wisbech Army Cadets were presented with awards including a promotion and various badges.

Cpl Lynsey Alderson gets her stripes

Cpl Lynsey Alderson gets her stripes - Credit: Archant

Detachment commander Captain Trevor Longmuir invited representatives of the Royal Anglian Regiment Association-Cambridgeshire to make the presentations.

Lieutenant Colonel (retired) David Denson, association chairman, presented Corporal Lynsey Alderson with her sergeant’s stripes and her three star army proficiency certificate (APC) and badge and Lance Corporal Ainsley Crowson with his two star APC and badge.

Major (Rtd) Tom Denton, association member and former officer commanding No1 (Hereward) Company presented: Cadet Marek Vasko with his heart start certificate; Cadet Justihas Slicas with his heart start and basic APC certificates and badge; and cadet Travis Norman with his basic APC and badge.

Both visitors stayed at the detachment after the presentations to see the cadets in training and had the chance to talk to many about their experience in the Army Cadet Force.

Lt Col (Rtd) Denson said: “We are very impressed with the actual numbers and smartness of the cadets on parade. It is very pleasing to see cadets wearing the Cambridgeshire Regiment flash on their brazzard and their support at recent remembrance services organised by the Riders Branch of the Royal British Legion.”