Children post dreams inside time capsule at £18m council HQ

Mac McGuire

County council chairman Mac McGuire prepares to put the time capsule into the ground at the new £18m headquarters under construction at Alconbury Weald. - Credit: CCC

Children posted their thoughts, hopes and dreams in a time capsule buried at the new £18m county council headquarters being built at Alconbury Weald.  

“I want to be a Manga artist and a stunt double,” wrote one; another wants to run a bakery but the career aspirations of a third are out of this world.  

“I want to have a job which is involved with space, either being an astronaut or a rocket designer,” they penned.  

Besides the postcards, the children were encouraged to reflect life in Britain during the pandemic and how they have coped.  

“I am in lockdown and I go horse riding,” wrote on child.  

Another thought “lockdown, new pets, Minecraft, skateboard, unusual, determined, wearing mask, sanitiser’ were thoughts worth recording for future generations.  

A third wrote of 2021 that it was “different, masks, remote learning, Zoom, happy, long-hair, no hugging, friends”. 

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“Lockdown, new pets, Minecraft, skateboard, unusual, determined, wearing mask, sanitiser.” 

Council chairman Mac McGuire buried the time capsule that also included postcards from councillors, staff. 

It also includes the front pages from newspapers in Cambridgeshire to show people what is in the news on the day. 

Face masks and a home testing kit have also been included to show some of the elements of living during a pandemic. 

The time capsule has been buried in the staff seating area outside of the new headquarters with an engraved slab marking its position.  

The aim is that there will be a ceremony in 2046, 25 years after the time-capsule has been buried. 

“This time capsule gives us an opportunity to show staff, councillors and the public in 2046 what life was like in 2021 during a pandemic and our hopes and dreams for the future", said Cllr McGuire. 

The new HQ building is set to open in late summer 2021. 

The ruling Conservative group agreed a name earlier this year for the new headquarters; it will be called New Shire Hall. 

Lib Dem opposition councillor Lorna Dupre had her own opinion of the name.  

She said that “so after years of being told that the council’s new Alconbury building isn't a replacement for Shire Hall but 'a hub in a new hub and spoke model of council premises', we learn that they're going to call the new Alconbury building ... New Shire Hall”.