'Very unpleasant people' accused of Facebook attacks on councillor

Cllr Sam Hoy

Cllr Sam Hoy during a recent interview for Tory TV in Wisbech with Mayor James Palmer. Cllr Hoy has accused "unpleasant people" of attacking her on social media. - Credit: Tory TV

A Tory councillor claims a “minority of very unpleasant people” have used “nasty lewd cartoons” of her on social media whilst another “went so far as to tell me to kill myself”. 

Cllr Samantha Hoy, who is a town and district councillor, shared her claims in a leaflet sent out to residents ahead of her bid to be re-elected as a county councillor in Wisbech East.  

“It has been a difficult four years in one way mostly due to a minority of very unpleasant people on social media,” she says in the leaflet.  

“I have had pictures of me when I was on holiday shared and nasty lewd cartoons of my published attacking me for my appearance, gender and weight.  

“I have been told I should ‘leave town’ that I am ‘unemployable’ and someone even went so far as to tell me to kill myself.” 

She adds: “I imagine this will escalate through the election month because these individuals seek to achieve through abuse, lies and nastiness what they have failed to achieve through a democratic election. 

“I didn’t want to really reference it at all but I wanted to explain my frustrations to you.” 

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Cllr Hoy says: “I often hear people say I shouldn’t respond and should ignore it, but I am only human.”