Failure to publish #farmgate report 'is a disgrace'

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Why is Cambridgeshire County Council refusing to publish #farmgate report? What do they fear? - Credit: Archant

We are not alone in believing the Cambridgeshire County Council audit committee probe into the tenancy of Manor Farm, Girton, must be published.  

The veil of secrecy is disturbing, and not simply because it impacts on the most senior levels of a public body. 

So far it has seen two casualties: the man at the centre of the storm, ex deputy leader Roger Hickford. He quit once he knew his leader Steve Count knew its contents.  

The other casualty is the revered former audit committee chairman Mike Shellens. He quit – after seven and a half years of steering his committee through tortuous reports and investigations, all of which were published.  

Except #farmgate.  

The reasons are not legal (don’t believe the spin cascading from Shire Hall).  

It is because the report focuses on a culture and inappropriate behaviour within the highest echelons of our local corridors of power.  

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They don’t want you to know. They threatened legal action even against the audit committee if they breathed a word of it.  

It is a disgrace. We won’t let it rest there.