Evening of llama learning for Wisbech Women’s Circle


Fifteen members of the Wisbech Women’s Circle travelled the short distance to Faster Lente Llamas on to learn all about llamas.


After initial welcomes, pastries and refreshments were enjoyed in the evening sunshine and it was time to head off for a tour of the four-acres of paddocks housing the eight llamas within the Faster Lente herd.

The visitors were avid listeners as Tina Gambell, owner, ran through a series of interesting character traits and personality differences.

She spoke about llama origins and types, natural threats and how to observe body language to enable the ladies to appreciate the llamas.


Each lady had the opportunity to hand feed treats, stroke and have photographs taken with the llamas. Then it was back to the marquee which was covered in fairy lights and refreshments were provided.

Diane Goodrum, secretary treasurer, said “We’ve had the most splendid time and we have gone away with lots of extra knowledge about llamas.”

The visit took place at Faster Lente Llamas, Walton Road, Wisbech on Tuesday July 24.