LETTER: ‘The costly mess-ups over Wisbech Market Place are enough to make you weep’

SO, this really is the end of shopping in Wisbech Market Place.

The wonderful new design for the Market Place includes numerous loading bays but not a single unloading bay. How will the shops get their stock? Just another slip? How many more?

First the town council neglected to secure the planters. Then they failed to realise they had to clear the market day rubbish. Further, they told us Hill Street is two-way traffic.

They have now provided a confusing sign on Evison’s corner which, although on careful study applies to the parking regulations for the Crescent, could confuse drivers into believing they can park on the Market Place for two hours. After all there is a label immediately below it saying Market Place!

And now, we have to pay an extra �1,800 to change the layout of the parking spaces. Why? Because there is not enough space for cars to reverse out of the bays since there are loading and disabled bays directly opposite.

Still that’s all right because it will be paid for with money given to the town council to put the traffic scheme into place. I’m sure this is still our money!

The white lining workmanship is messy and of a very poor standard. The contractor should be made to replace much of it free of charge.

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How many more mess-ups can there be? Oh, I forgot the ridiculous water-filled portable bright white barriers protecting the pedestrian area from traffic. They can be emptied of their water and thrown around the Market Place.

Who will police High Street, Union Street and Hill Street?

When asked for his views on the plan the Sector Police Inspector, Robin Sissons, commented that in his personal opinion: “Hill Street and High Street....... It is these areas that cause many of the problems (lorries unable to turn the corner due to parked cars on both sides etc).

“Will this improve? Do the police have new resources to shoulder this responsibility?”

When the town council take over the town park, which we understand is their aim, will they decide to cut down all the trees to save having to pick up the leaves?

Happy shopping and oh, mind the lorry route through the Market Place. It has, according to the Chairman of the Fenland Joint Area Traffic Committee, been provided “so the articulated lorries do not have to turn round”. Good idea or not?

It’s enough to make you weep.