LETTER: Is anarchy what is ahead of us?

I am becoming increasingly concerned with some aspects of the local policing in Wisbech.

One recent report from them reveals 100 parking tickets issued in the last month! Their explanation is ‘when we get time, because we have to prioritise’. Could this be excuses or is it genuine? If this is genuine, then we have a major problem ahead with the unenforceable laws of our land, this could lead to anarchy.

I commented to the two PCSOs, that it represents an average of four or five per day, where as it should be more like that every hour.

My calculations are only rough but five per hour equals 40 per six working days, which is 240 per week.

If that was an average for 50 weeks per year then that is 12,000 tickets annually.

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At £30 per ticket fine, produces a nice sum of £360,000 per year.

I have put this type of information to FDC asking them to take on this task, it was declined.

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I believe that this turnover from traffic violations could take the work from the police, thus giving them more time for controlling crime. But as FDC will not proceed down this route of making it a civil offence, then it rests with the police, that then creates the problem of the police being unable to do their duty of law enforcement. Is that a decline of incentive?

Either way this results in an obvious dereliction of duty by the local police force. This is by direct reduction in funding of all services by our government.



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