Labour drums up support in Wisbech with petition calling for extra policing in the town


Labour Party members were out and about in Wisbech on Friday drumming up support for more police for the town.


“We were obtaining signatures on a petition to be handed to the newly-elected Police and Crime Commissioner, Councillor Jason Ablewhite, for an increase in the number of police and PCSOs in Wisbech,” said a spokesman.

Party members also spoke with shoppers about their worries and concerns about Wisbech.

The spokesman said: “After the high level of crime, petty crime and antisocial behaviour and the lack of police and PCSOs, the next most commonly mentioned matter was poor and inconsiderate parking and cycling in the town centre and on footpaths.

“The poor state of road markings, which are almost invisible in places, were also frequently mentioned”

Labour says most comments were made about the zebra crossing near the BP petrol station on the Freedom Bridge “but many people had noticed that road markings have almost disappeared in many other places leading to dangers for both motorists and pedestrians”.