Judge refuses ASBO application against middle aged Wisbech woman

A JUDGE turned down an application for an anti-social behaviour order against a middle-aged woman who police claim has carried out a campaign of serious and persistent harassment to people in Wisbech. James Berry, prosecuting, told Fenland Magistrates

A JUDGE turned down an application for an anti-social behaviour order against a middle-aged woman who police claim has carried out a "campaign of serious and persistent harassment to people in Wisbech."

James Berry, prosecuting, told Fenland Magistrates' Court on Friday, that Loran Freedman, 52, of Copperfields, Wisbech moved to the town in 2007 and carried out a "sustained campaign of anti-social behaviour in her neighbourhood and this had spilled into Wisbech town centre."

He said she had removed her clothes in public and in police custody, smashed a neighbour's window with her walking stick, accused a neighbour of being a paedophile and a murderer and told one neighbour: "I'm going to kill you and put flowers on your grave tonight."

PCSO Donna Thompson told the court that she receives complaints two or three times a week from residents of Copperfields about Miss Freedman.

In a witness statement PCSO Thompson said 25 incidents have been recorded on the police's computer system involving Miss Freedman, alleging criminal damage, verbal abuse, shoplifting and assault and as assault on a police constable.

Her statement contained claims that Miss Freedman, who has previously been known as Alicia Bourg, has:

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n Ripped out a neighbour's shrubs.

n Slashed a neighbour's car tyres seven times in eight weeks.

n Shouted at and intimidated neighbours.

n Switched off a neighbour's electricity box and glued shut the locks.

n Attempted to sabotage work on a neighbour's driveway.

She has recent convictions for shop lifting and criminal damage.

The ASBO would have prevented Miss Freedman from harassing or causing alarm or distress to anyone in Fenland and prohibit her from entering Wisbech town centre between 8am-8pm.

Defending herself, Miss Freedman said: "I'm a middle-aged woman and I've never had any trouble with the police before I moved to Wisbech.

"Since I've lived here several peculiar complaints have been made against me."

She told the court that lies had been made up about her and that one complaint on police records was from a house that had not even been built, and from neighbour that did not even exist.

She also said she had lived in Wisbech for just five months and not two years as the police claimed.

Miss Freedman said: "The fact that so much hearsay evidence can be used in an ASBO is a danger for everybody."

District judge Ken Sheraton said: "The previous convictions have all been dealt with by small fines and compensation.

"If Miss Freedman commits more serious offences or continues to offend her penalties will become heavier and a future ASBO application may be made but I do not feel that we are so far down the line that an ASBO will add anything.

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