Camp Beagle protestor has charges against him dropped

John Curtin (pictured) has had all charges against him dropped.

John Curtin (pictured) has had all charges against him dropped. - Credit: Archant

A protestor at the animal rights Camp Beagle camp at Wyton has had all charges against him dropped this week. 

John Curtin was charged with a number of counts surrounding his protesting at Camp Beagle in November 2021.  

He stood trial on Wednesday 12 and Thursday 13 January in Peterborough.

A number of supporters from Camp Beagle were present outside during the hearing. 

A Camp Beagle spokesperson posted to their Facebook page once the trial ended saying: “We are very pleased to announce that another case against a Camp Beagle supporter was heard in court today... the result: NOT GUILTY!” 

Camp Beagle, protesting over the use of beagles in animal research, has attracted a number of people, including the media, to the site. 

Another spokesperson for Camp Beagle spoke of John’s dropped charges saying: “I’m sure John will be back; he’s never going to give up.”