Comedian Joe Lycett takes on Norfolk insurance firm on Channel 4 show

Joe Lycett is back with a new series of Joe Lycett's Got Your Back next week

Comedian Joe Lycett featured Adrian Flux on his Channel 4 show - Credit: PA Features Archive/Press Association Images

A west Norfolk insurance firm received some unwanted coverage on national TV, after it was featured on Joe Lycett's Got Your Back Channel 4 show. 

Adrian Flux Insurance was taken to task by the comedian on Thursday night after a viewer complained that their black box had been recording their journeys incorrectly. According to the driver, from the West Midlands, her black box had said she drove the wrong way on a dual carriageway, and had driven through a brook and a museum. 

Joe Lycett staged his own Top Gear-style 'Grand Tour' and tried to recreate the young driver's supposed driving exploits. He also placed large black boxes around the country with QR codes that scanned to reveal snarky messages about the insurance company.

Adrian Flux, which is based in King's Lynn, responded to the show, stating that problems with GPS coverage likely caused the incorrect data to be recorded, and that it had given £150 to the unhappy driver as a gesture of goodwill.  

Black box insurance policies are supposed to help drivers reduce the cost of their insurance premium by tracking mileage and driving style, with the idea that safer drivers will have a lower premium. But the show claimed that some insurance companies are using cheaper versions of the black box kit which are prone to miscalculations.

Black boxes have been hailed as potentially life-saving technology. Research by Adrian Flux has shown that they can be effective, and the company claims its black box policies have reduced the number of significant and gross speeders by 60pc and 70pc respectively. 

A statement from Adrian Flux said: "At Adrian Flux Insurance Services we strive to provide excellent customer service and insurance products that meet individuals’ needs. We are always disappointed to learn that a customer is unhappy with the service they have received and constantly review performance looking to improve where necessary.

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"Even though these devices are of a very high industry standard, we acknowledge that they are not infallible. For this reason, we have systems in place to highlight possible discrepancies and a dedicated support team is available to ensure that customers are not adversely affected if these situations arise."

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