NEW JOBS COULD BOOST FENLAND COATES: Thirty seven new jobs will be created if PG Packaging Ltd gets the go ahead to build a new large storage building on its site at Coates. These valuable employment additions will assist the rural economy and str


COATES: Thirty seven new jobs will be created if PG Packaging Ltd gets the go ahead to build a new large storage building on its site at Coates.

"These valuable employment additions will assist the rural economy and strengthen the existing status of this business," says a report to be considered at Fenland District Council's planning meeting next week.

But Whittlesey Town Council has objected to the planning application, saying it is over intensification of the site.

The plan for the new storage building is a resubmission of a previous plan, approved last summer. That building was not erected in accordance with previously approved plans, and enforcement action has been taken.


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WHITTLESEY: The driver who died after his car plunged into a Fenland drain, following a collision with another car, has been named.

Les George, 39, of Turves, was driving a brown Ford Escort which was involved in a collision with a blue Audi A3 in North Bank, Whittlesey, late on Friday.

The Ford entered the River Nene which runs alongside North Bank and police launched a search which included the force helicopter. Mr George's body was not found until lunchtime the following day.

The 19-year-old driver of the Audi was uninjured.

Police are appealing for information about the collision. Anyone with information should contact PC Frances Crawford at the road policing unit on 0845 456 4564.


MARCH: A property company has finally won permission to re-develop the former Freezer Centre in Station Road, March, but not before most of the prospective tenants jumped ship.

Reef Estates has now got permission to build eight flats and two retail units on the site but tenants who had previously been interested in taking space have opted out.

The latest to withdraw their interest is Prezzo Pizzas who told Reef they were "frustrated with the time it was taking" and are no longer interested.

Reef may also now find difficulties in letting the bigger unit to Smith and Jones, the pub operators, who they say they have agreed terms with: the company is owned by Barracuda who have since bought the Griffin Hotel.

The only certain candidate appears to be Tote Bookmakers but following a Government inspector to allow another book maker to open in the High Street, even their enthusiasm may wane.


WISBECH: Town councillors and preservationists have joined forces to protest against the erection of a flag that would publicise success in a national award scheme for parks and green spaces.

Wisbech Town Council and Wisbech Society both feel the proposed flag for Wisbech Park - in the grounds of St Peter's and St Paul's Church- is "inappropriate to the surroundings."

Wisbech Society has gone further and told Fenland Council- who proposed the six metre high pole with a flag aloft- that "no one is allowed to injure the surface of a burial ground.

"The proposal would seriously detract from the public's view of the church, seriously detracting from the present uninterrupted view of an important Grade I listed building."

The row could be settled next Wednesday when Fenland District Council Planning Committee meets to consider the application.


WISBECH: Police launched a drugs search on a bungalow in a quiet Wisbech street on Tuesday, as the force continued its door a day initiative.

Nine police officers executed the search warrant in Beechwood Road at 12.30pm. A sniffer dog was also called upon to find any traces of drugs.

Police detained three people inside the bungalow while carrying out a search and seized a blue holdall bag which contained "some green residue that may be herbal cannabis".

Police said that none of the three detained, when asked, claimed ownership of the bag.

PC Tony Harlow said: "Nobody was arrested, so we shall see if we can identify who owns the bag."

A red Vauxhall Corsa parked on the side of the road was also searched, but nothing was seized from inside.


COLDHAM: Arsonists abandoned a car in Graysmoor Drove, Coldham, in the early hours of Wednesday before setting it alight.

One fire crew from March was called at 1.30am and brought the fire under control by 2am.


Dear Editor,

After attending the Licensing Committee meeting this morning on the above subject I felt I must put my views on this lost opportunity for the People of Chatteris.

Nimbys (won) Residence of Chatteris (0)

The above score was handed out by the Fenland District Council Licensing Committee today in respect of a licence application for The Empress Cinema conversion. Again the "Community Elders" / "Ancients", with the ready assistance of the local police have succeeded in depriving the youngsters of this town of a much needed social venue.

Well done the handful of Park Street residence who managed to convince the licensing committee that the centre of our town, namely the MARKET PLACE is now a residential area, I can only hope that the Market Place Charter is watertight as that could be the next on the list as a residential nuisance. How is it possible to define a street that comprises a Bank, Butchers, Solicitor, Royal Mail Sorting Office, Locksmith shop, Electrical appliances shop, Accountants, Indian Take Away, Convenience Store and Three Hairdresser shops predominately residential, what utter nonsense.

Here was an opportunity to renovate the one remaining derelict establishment in the heart of town, and provide somewhere for the youngsters to go at the same time. The policy seems to be, what this town needs is more Take Aways and Charity shops as we only have about six and three of each respectively and the Policing requirement for these are virtually nil.

Go to any other town or village around Chatteris and you will find they all have a community centre. The only centres you will find in Chatteris seem to cater for the toddlers, young ones and Senior Citizens, the eighteen year olds and upwards are left with no option but to go out of town, why? When will our councillors stand up and do something for the youngsters of this town?



PS. I should declare that the applicant for the above licence is my brother in law and that this e-mail is in no way meant to be seen as public support for him personally, my views would have been the same for any applicant.