Jail threat for motorist who collided with car in Fenland village and kicked Pc after drinking whisky

A MOTORIST who had taken a couple of swigs of whisky minutes before colliding with a car in Leverington ran away from the scene of the accident.

And when Valerijs Visernevs was tracked down by police he kicked out and struck an officer on the leg and later refused to give a specimen of blood for analysis.

Visernevs could be facing a jail sentence after admitting charges of assault, careless driving, failing to stop after an accident and failing to provide a specimen, Fenland magistrates warned him.

Prosecuting, Andrea Fawcett said Visernevs was driving a Landrover Freelander just after 10pm on October 13 when he approached a car on the wrong side of the road.

The other car veered to the left to avoid a collision, but its front bumper was ripped off by the impact and the woman driver suffered a bruised arm.

Visernevs stayed around for five to 10 minutes, then ran away. His car’s air bags had inflated and the offside front wheel collapsed.

Visernevs was found in West Parade, Wisbech, smelling strongly of alcohol, and he tried to throw a set of keys through a metal fence.

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When taken to the floor by police Visernevs, 40, of Chapnall Road, Wisbech, kicked out and struck an officer’s leg. At hospital he refused to give a blood test.

Visernevs told police he had bought a bottle of whisky 10 minutes before the accident and took a couple of swigs “to settle his nerves”.

Solicitor Andrew Spence said Visernevs had drunk a small quantity of whisky before the accident and had drunk more before he was tracked down by police.

“He clearly accepts responsibility for the accident, he believes the headlights of the other car were on full beam, and admits he took the corner too sharply.

“He did remain on the scene for a period of time, but he did stay long enough for his details to be provided.”

Magistrates gave Visernevs an interim driving ban and adjourned sentencing until January 26.