Jail sentence imposed on a prolific shoplifter who told police he wanted to return to prison

A PROLIFIC shoplifter who stole a bottle of vodka in a bid to get back into prison had his wish granted by Fenland magistrates, when he was given a 28-day jail sentence.

Andrius Vaiciulevicius stole the bottle of booze from the Tesco store in Wisbech two days before Christmas.

After arrest, police discovered he was in possession of a pair of stolen spectacles with the �99 price tag still attached.

At Wisbech courthouse, the 29-year-old from Belencowe Terrace, Wisbech, admitted theft and handling stolen glasses belonging to Specsavers.

Describing the offences, prosecutor Nicola Rice told how a security alarm sounded at the Tesco store in Wisbech when Vaiciulevicius stole the vodka.

Police were called, and he admitted the theft. Ms Rice added: “He said he did that to get arrested because he wanted to prison.

“He said he was given the spectacles by a Latvian friend, to sell and make some money.”

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Vaiciulevicius had seven previous convictions for theft; he had served two previous prison sentences.

Solicitor Bal Daliwal explained to the court: “He spent the best part of last year in and out of custody; although when arrested he said he wanted to go to prison, that is not his feeling today.”

She said Vaiciulevicius had not been able to work since his passport was seized by police when a friend’s house was raided, leaving him without identification.