Jail for Fenland man who bit pregnant woman and then made dog noises

A FOUR month jail sentence has been imposed on a man who assaulted a pregnant neighbour - and then refused to co-operate with any other sentence a court could impose.

James Taylor told Fenland magistrates: “I am not doing community service or paying any fine, so you have only one option.”

Thirty-two-year-old Taylor, of Hay Green Caravan Site, Terrington St Clement, had earlier admitted assaulting the pregnant woman and her partner in Wisbech.

Taylor had barged into the couple’s Wisbech flat and hit the woman six or seven times to the facing and head, said prosecutor Andrea Fawcett.

“He hit her, causing her to fall over a stair gate, and she was kicked,” she continued.

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“He bit her hand and made dog noises. She locked herself into the toilet.”

The woman’s partner had witnessed the assault, and he was punched by Taylor several times.

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The female victim suffered a cut to the face, a bruised arm and bruised buttock; the man suffered a cut to the side of his face.

Solicitor Roger Glazebrook said Taylor had been invited into the flat, but had little recollection of what happened inside.

He said: “My client wanted to leave, but the woman would not let him leave.”

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