Interim Risk of Sexual Harm Order imposed on Wisbech man

AN interim Risk of Sexual Harm Order has been imposed on 26-year-old Wisbech man Anthony Smith, despite protestations from his solicitor.

Under the order, Smith is prohibited from communicating with any female under the age of 16, directly or indirectly.

He is also banned from being in the company of any female under the age of 16 in any place, including his home, without the express consent of a Public Protection Officer.

The interim order on Smith, of Cannon Street, Wisbech, was imposed by District Judge Ken Sheraton sitting at Wisbech courthouse on Tuesday.

The order was contested by Smith’s solicitor Iain Bain, who said it was not necessary, and claimed the prejudice it would cause him would outweigh any protection afforded to the public.

The judge said he made the order because it was just to do so. He warned that any breach could lead to Smith being jailed.

An application for a full order will also be contested; the date of that hearing will be set on September 21.