In court, teenager who grew his own cannabis to avoid getting into debt with dealers

TEENAGE cannabis user Billy Dale began growing the drug so he did not get into debt with dealers.

But he knew his father would not agree to him saving cash by growing the plants at home, so he set up production as his sister’s home, a court was told.

Police searched premises in Wisbech on September 10 and found 15 cannabis plants in varying stages, and a lamp being used to aid the growth of some plants.

“He admitted growing the plants from seed for his own personal use,” prosecutor Andrea Fawcett told Deputy District Judge Jones at Wisbech courthouse.

“He had moved them to his sister’s house, because he knew his father would not let him grow them at home; his sister did not know what they were.

“He only grew them because he did not want to get into debt with dealers, it was to save him some money.”

Dale, 18, of Chase Street, Wisbech, admitted the cultivation of cannabis, and was ordered to carry out 60 hours of unpaid work.

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Solicitor Roger Glazebrook told the court: “He is a cannabis user and was paying a dealer. When you get behind with payments they push for more and more money, and cause problems.

“He was told he could buy seeds in King’s Lynn; he started growing them, but they got to a stage when they needed heating.”

Mr Glazebrook said six of the plants outside a garden shed were dead, some plants were found in a room, and others were in a heated cupboard and were ready for harvest.

“There is no suggestion he was supplying the drug,” he added.