Six to become nine if HMO expands but rooms stay the same

Cannon Street, Wisbech,

Cannon Street, Wisbech, where an HMO has been refused permission for nine people instead of six for which it is currently licensed. - Credit: Google

A property developer wants to increase from six to nine the number of people living in a multiple occupancy house (HMO) on the basis that four bedrooms are above minimum requirements. 

Jane Pascoe, director of Halsbury Estates Ltd, has applied to increase occupancy numbers at her registered HMO at 32d Cannon Street, Wisbech.  

In a statement to Fenland planners by her agent Peter Humphrey Associates, she says the house is able to take the extra numbers.  

“Facilities being provided are well in excess of requirements of minimum standards for HMOs,” her agent said.  

Humphrey Associates says they aim to ensure that “a high-quality development is produced in accordance with the guidelines laid down in the government design advice”. 

“And that more importantly that the proposed dwelling respects the local context that it will integrate with”.  

Mrs Pascoe holds a license for a 6 bed HMO. 

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“This application is for increased occupancy for use of nine residents on basis that four of the existing bedrooms are over the 10.22m2 minimum requirement,” says Humphrey Associates.  

It says they are taking guidance from the “Fenland District Council New Mandatory HMO Licence Conditions”. 

The statement adds: “The entirety of works proposed are internal.  

“As a result, there will be no impact upon the surrounding area’s character.” 

On access, parking and layout, the application says the proposals “will utilise the existing pedestrian access.  

Cannon Street Wisbech HMO

A design statement shows the configuration of the end terrace in Cannon Street, Wisbech, where an extra three people may soon be living - bringing the total to nine. - Credit: Agent

“The side of the site is designated as shared private amenity space for occupants; the site has good pedestrian links via pavements to nearby facilities and Wisbech town centre”.  

Humphrey Associates says the facilities being provided “are well in excess of requirements of minimum standards for HMOs”. 

These include “kitchen and utility communal areas, two shared washing facilities and an outside courtyard”.  

Under the heading ‘new mandatory HMO licence condition’ Fenland Council sets out conditions.  

“New regulations have introduced minimal room sizes and waste disposal provision requirements,” it says. 

The minimum sleeping room sizes imposed as conditions of the licence are: 

6.51m2 for one person over 10 years of age 

10.22m2 for two persons over 10 years of age 

4.64m2 for one child under the age of 10 years