Hotelier blasts Sunday car boot sale in Wisbech an ‘eyesore’ but councillors and officials rebut criticism- what do you think?

Wisbech free car boot sale

Wisbech free car boot sale - Credit: Archant

An hotelier’s criticism of a Sunday car boot sale – that began in May with a £5 entry but is now free- is unfair according to two local councillors.

Wisbech free car boot sale

Wisbech free car boot sale - Credit: Archant

And assistant town clerk Susanah Farmer said: “Some people have bent my ear saying they don’t like it but other retailers are really pleased that it has bought people into the town.

Hotelier Jim Farrelly of the Rose and Crown posted photos on Facebook with the comment that it was “sad to see what Wisbech has become on a Sunday, a free boot sale town.

“Surely we deserve better for our town centre? It’s such an eyesore. Is this really what you want your town to look like?”

But Councillor Steve Tierney said: “The town centre is for everybody. I can’t see that using it for a car boot on a Sunday does any harm. Couple of times I’ve been it’s been busy and fun.”

Councillor Samantha Hoy said: “The market place is for all people of all classes. Should we stop a few local residents making a bit of cash in case it ‘offends’ a hotel resident?”

The boot sale was launched by the town council in May as a trial in a bid to get more people into the centre.

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They hope it will not only serve as an attraction but will also have a knock-on effect of increasing trade for local shops.

Social media opinion has also divided the town with those disapproving just slightly ahead of those who support it.

“For God’s sake it’s one day a week, it brings people into this so called ‘stunning town’. I it really hurting anyone?” one resident told Mr Farrelly. “Lighten up; life is far too short to be complaining about something this trivial.”

But another wrote: “It looks terrible. People don’t want to see this in our once stunning town.”

The town council will continue it for the time being. A recent report to councillors felt that it needed a full six months trial.

“Members share the view of officers that this venture has been plagued with unseasonably wet and windy weather which has deterred traders to date”, says town clerk Terry Jordan.

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